Create a validator
Once your node has synced, it's time to create a validator. It can be done on a separate machine if preferred.
Create a key that will be the validators key.
kujirad keys add <wallet name>
Replace the <wallet name> with your desired validator wallet name.
Copy the seed phrase and put it somewhere safe.
You will need to make note of the address kujira... and use that in the faucet to get some coins. You can check your balance via
kujirad query bank balances kujira....
The next part is associating your node with your account, creating the validator
# Ensure you have your CHAIN_ID and MONIKER_NAME set
export PUBKEY=$(kujirad tendermint show-validator)
kujirad tx staking create-validator \
--moniker="${MONIKER_NAME}" \
--amount=1000000ukuji \
--gas-prices=1ukuji \
--pubkey=$PUBKEY \
--from=validator \
--yes \
--node=tcp://localhost:26657 \
--chain-id=${CHAIN_ID} \
--commission-max-change-rate=0.01 \
--commission-max-rate=0.20 \
--commission-rate=0.10 \
Now your node should be present
kujirad query staking validator $(kujirad keys show $KUJIRA_WALLET_ADDRESS --bech val -a)
or JSON output
kujirad query staking validators --limit 1000000 -o json | jq '.validators[] | select(.description.moniker=="${MONIKER_NAME}")'
Please remember to also back up $HOME/.kujira/config/priv_validator_key.json. If you lose this, you are toast.
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