Kujira Socials

To facilitate communication with our community, we employ different social media that are run and maintained by Team Kujira and volunteer moderators.


We have a few 1st party socials that we use to inform and stay in touch with our community. Our Twitter has the largest number of followers and is often used for short announcements or other more informal community engagement. Our Medium contains detailed, professional entries on new announcements, tutorials on our products, a weekly roundup of ecosystem activity, and general educational content relating to our product suite. Our Telegram and Discord are the easiest ways to directly reach out to the team as well as the community and chat or ask questions. Our Instagram shares news and announcements focusing more on visual media whereas our Reddit focuses on longer in-depth entries and encourages community participation/content.
We have a LinkTree that can be found on our Twitter account that includes all of our socials.
Furthermore, our socials are linked at the bottom of the webpage on​
Here are links to a more detailed breakdown covering each of our socials: