Kujira Social Media

To stay in touch with our community, Team Kujira and volunteer moderators use a variety of social media channels.
Our main social media channels include:
Twitter: This platform is used for short announcements and informal community engagement. It has the largest number of followers among our channels.
Medium: This platform contains detailed, professional entries on new announcements, tutorials on our products, a weekly roundup of ecosystem activity, and general educational content related to our product suite.
Telegram and Discord: These platforms offer easy ways to directly reach out to the team and the community, chat, and ask questions.
Instagram: This platform shares news and announcements with a focus on visual media.
Reddit: this platform features longer, in-depth entries and encourages community participation and content.
All of our social media channels can be accessed through the LinkTree on our Twitter account, or by following the links at the bottom right of the webpage on For more information on each of our social media channels, visit the detailed breakdown linked above.
Last modified 5mo ago