The Constitution is a living document detailing the structure, scope, and mechanics of the Kujira Senate. Section 1 covers the formation & structure of the Senate. Section 2 covers the function, purpose, and parameters of the Senate multisig wallet. Section 3 covers the role and scope of the Senate in relation to the community grant request process.
The Senate plans to share the provisional Constitution with the Kujira community for consultation. Once feedback has been gathered, considered, and implemented, the updated Constitution will then be put to KUJI stakers to ratify in an on-chain governance proposal.
The Senate may engage in activities outside of the scope of the Constitution for the benefit of the Kujira blockchain, its governance token holders, and the community pool; however, any recommendations outside the scope of the Constitution will be decided by on-chain governance.
Here are some key details:
  • The Kujira Senate consists of a maximum of 9 individuals collectively known as "The Senate."
  • The inaugural Senate was elected by KUJI token governance stakers on the Kujira blockchain through governance proposals commencing on January 17th 2023, concluding on January 19th 2023.
  • 6 of 9 Senators must agree at minimum for decisions to be made.
  • The maximum voting period for a proposal is 14 days.
  • Community governance has veto power over Senate funding decisions via the ability to deny funding transfers from the community pool to the Senate Multisig.
  • Various rules on how to add and remove Senators and how to make decisions when the Senate has less than 9 people as well as other miscellaneous rules can be found in the Constitution
  • The Senate Multisig is structured around two smart contracts; a CW-4 "Group" contract and a CW-3 "Multisig" contract.
  • The CW-4 Group contract is owned by the native on-chain governance module and members of this group can only be added or removed by a mass participation poll.
  • The CW-3 Multisig is where community pool funds controlled by the Senate will be held and funding proposals will be submitted. This contract reads the state of the Group contract to determine who is allowed to vote and whether a proposal has passed or not.
  • The primary role of the Multisig will be to distribute funds to successful community grants and such distributions will be facilitated by governance proposals on the Kujira blockchain which will request to transfer tokens from the Kujira Community Pool to the Senate Multisig via regular governance.
  • For funding requests of less than $250K, the Senate may create a governance proposal to initiate a funding transfer without further consulting the community. For requests of more than $250K, Senate will advise requestors to submit an on-chain governance proposal for KUJI stakers with a link included to the published opinions of the The Senate to make the final decision. For certain community grant requests under $250K that are endorsed by the Senate, the Senate may still seek the opinion of KUJI stakers via an on-chain governance proposal.
  • Detailed rules for converting KUJI tokens held by the Senate multisig to stablecoins can also be found in the constitution.
The Constitution can be read in full detail here.
Last modified 7mo ago