Staking UI

We have carefully created a customized staking UI to help promote network decentralization. (An extended version of this UI which applies to all Cosmos network chains can be found here.)
Network decentralization on a proof of stake (PoS) blockchain can be measured in part by the Nakamoto coefficient. The smallest number of validators colluding together that could seize control of the network is a PoS blockchain's Nakamoto Coefficient. The more uniform the distribution of validator delegations, the larger the network's Nakamoto coefficient.
It is often the case that individuals who do not necessarily know better tend to assume that validators with larger delegations happen to be inherently better or more superior to delegate to. However, this can create issues in network security, complicate decentralization, and may be misguided at best as that validator's values and actions may conflict greatly with one's own.
This is why at Kujira we have taken it upon ourselves seriously to create that staking UI which can be found here.
In the staking UI, validators that have far more voting power than the equal power threshold (that is synonymous with perfect decentralization with uniformly distributed delegations across the validator set) are colored in red with a bar showing what percentage of overall voting power they currently control. Validators with medium voting power exceeding the equal power threshold having voting power bars highlighted in yellow. Finally, validators whose voting power is smaller than the equal power threshold are colored blue.
In reality, validators have different levels of technical expertise, different values and levels of community participation and value add that attract differing amounts of people. As a result, it is difficult to achieve perfect decentralization. And decentralization is simply one value on the scale balanced against others such as network value add, promoting community projects and tooling, voting to protect the network, as well as various other tasks, etc.
One other awesome feature of the staking UI is that when you got to stake KUJI, if you enter the amount of KUJI you want to stake and then select optimize, it will automatically select all the validators in BLUE that are below the equal power threshold that are safe to delegate to in order to bring the network closer towards a uniform staking distribution. That being said, it is always also fine to research your own validators of choice that reflect your values.
We will continue to make improvements to the staking UI with time as we listen to feedback from our users and innovate.