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Where Everyone can be a Whale

A Grand Whalecome to Kujira
At Kujira, our mission is to provide fair and equal opportunities for all investors in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. Our origin story begins in May 2021, when a liquidation cascade on the Anchor platform caused the price of Terra LUNA to drop from $16 to $4 in just one week. Many retail investors who had leveraged their assets were liquidated at large discounts by a small group of elites, who were able to buy the liquidated assets at a steep discount using expensive bots. This liquidation event, which wiped out over a billion dollars worth of LUNA, exposed the weaknesses of DeFi markets and the need for a sustainable foundation that could withstand market fluctuations.
In response to this event, Team Kujira created the first decentralized liquidations platform. Available to retail and institutional investors alike, the protocol provided a level playing field and prevented the paying of higher prices for faster or better liquidations. Within just four months, we had opened up Anchor liquidations to over 50,000 users, who did not need advanced bots or coding expertise to use the service.
As we saw the inherent weaknesses of DeFi markets, we realized the need for a robust infrastructure layer that would allow investors to make money in all market environments. Our thesis was validated by multiple events in 2022, including the collapses of Terra, 3AC, and various centralized exchanges. In response, we introduced FIN, the first decentralized, permissionless, 100% on-chain, non-FIFO order book style token exchange on the Terra blockchain. When the Terra blockchain was halted, we decided to launch our own semi-permissioned Cosmos sovereign chain, and in just six weeks, we built and launched a new layer 1 (L1) and relaunched FIN on it.
At Kujira, we believe that everyone has the opportunity to be a "whale" – to have access to large amounts of funds, strategic market information, and time. That's why we are building an ever-growing suite of interconnected dApps that provide our users with detailed analytics and automated innovation to level the playing field in the DeFi space. Our goal is to empower all investors to make informed decisions and succeed in the fast-moving world of DeFi. Whether you are a retail investor or an institution, Kujira is here to help you navigate the complex and constantly evolving landscape of decentralized finance. So, we welcome you to the Kujira ecosystem – where everyone can be a whale.