KUJI Token

$KUJI is the native token on the Kujira Network

Total Supply

The KUJI token is the native token on the Kujira Network. It has a total supply of 122,398,190.844391 (122.4 million) tokens. The original supply of 150 million tokens was reduced through a governance vote on January 18, 2022, which resulted in the burning of liquidity pool rewards.


The KUJI token serves several important functions on the Kujira Network. It is used to pay network fees and dApp fees, and all fees collected are distributed to KUJI stakers.

Release Schedule

The KUJI token was released through a token generation event in November 2021, with a specific release schedule as follows:
Private Sale 27.975M 12 month vesting
Public Sale 21M 6 month vesting
Liquidty 6M
Advisors 7.5M 12 month vesting
Team 27M 24 month vesting
Operational 11.025M 24 month vesting
Marketing 6M 24 month vesting
Airdrops 500K * adjusted after burn
Treasury 6.75M 24 month vesting
Rewards 8.648M * adjusted after burn
The release schedule will conclude on November 9, 2023 at 12pm UTC, when all tokens will be fully vested.