KUJI Token

$KUJI is the native token on the Kujira Network

Total Supply

The total supply of $KUJI is 122,398,190.844391 (122.4M) tokens. The original supply of 150M tokens was slashed on 18 January 2022 after a governance vote passed to burn liquidity pool rewards.


Network fees, as well as dApp fees are paid in $KUJI. All fees collected are distributed to $KUJI stakers.

Release Schedule

The token generation event took place in November 2021 with the following release schedule:
Private Sale 27.975M 12 month vesting
Public Sale 21M 6 month vesting
Liquidty 6M
Advisors 7.5M 12 month vesting
Team 27M 24 month vesting
Operational 11.025M 24 month vesting
Marketing 6M 24 month vesting
Airdrops 500K * adjusted after burn
Treasury 6.75M 24 month vesting
Rewards 8.648M * adjusted after burn
The release schedule will conclude on 12pm UTC, 9 November 2023 when all tokens will be fully vested.