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🧙♂ Price Oracle

Every 30 seconds, all 75 validators in the Kujira active set are required to post a transaction containing the current price for a range of assets, aggregated from a number of sources. This creates an on-chain source of truth which can be queried from a UI front-end, the CLI and also in smart contracts.


You can fetch all exchange rates here:​


kujirad query oracle exchange-rates


The kujira-rs package provides queryable bindings to fetch current exchange rates inside your smart contracts:
use kujira::querier::KujiraQuerier;
use kujira::query::KujiraQuery;
pub fn query(deps: Deps<KujiraQuery>, env: Env, msg: QueryMsg) -> StdResult<Binary> {
let q = KujiraQuerier::new(&deps.querier);
let res = q.query_exchange_rate("ATOM".to_string())?;
let price = res;
Note that the type signature for a query interface that uses this must be