POD (Cross-chain Staking)

Staking UI for Cosmos Network
POD is a custom staking user interface (UI) designed to support decentralization on the Cosmos network, a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain.

Measuring Decentralization

Decentralization on a PoS blockchain can be evaluated using the Nakamoto coefficient, which measures the minimum number of validators that could potentially collude to take control of the network. The more evenly distributed validator delegations are, the higher the Nakamoto coefficient of the network.

Validation Power

It is common for people to assume that validators with larger delegations are inherently superior to delegate to, but this can lead to security issues and undermine decentralization. In POD, we have designed a system to highlight validators with voting power that is disproportionate to the equal power threshold (which represents perfect decentralization with uniformly distributed delegations across the validator set). Validators with voting power above the equal power threshold are shown in red with a bar indicating their percentage of overall voting power. Validators with medium voting power above the threshold are highlighted in yellow, while those with voting power below the threshold are colored blue.

Achieving Decentralization

In reality, validators have different levels of technical expertise, values, and levels of community engagement and value, which attracts different numbers of people. As a result, it is challenging to achieve perfect decentralization. Decentralization is just one factor to consider, balanced against others such as network value, supporting community projects and tools, voting to protect the network, and various other tasks.
That's why at Kujira, we have taken it upon ourselves to create POD, a staking UI that advances decentralization. We will continue to improve POD over time by listening to feedback from our users and innovating.