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Capybara Labs

Capybara Labs is a Kujira community validator that has received funding from the Kujira community pool to provide various useful services and analytics for our community.
Capybara Labs has created a Kujira notification Telegram bot, SeaShanty, that Telegram users can utilize by interacting with the bot (Telegram username is @KujiraNotification_bot), providing their Kujira wallet address, and following the instructions.
The notification bot provides various types of useful information such as status updates on ORCA liquidation bids, status updates on execution of FIN limit orders, new Kujira Govern proposal announcements (so community members are aware of governance activity and have the opportunity to vote). If granted permission, SeaShanty can now autoactivate your ORCA bids (and also pay any associated gas fees).
Capybara also helps us run Dale the Mail Whale (@DaleMailWhale on Twitter), our colorful ORCA liquidations information bot.
SeaShanty has now even integrated with Fuzion and Local Money as part of its notification/alert system!