Helpful tips and tricks for navigating Kujira's 1st party products


We have included a helpful primer meant to make using our decentralized applications (dApps) easier for our users. Here are some basic tips and tricks that you can use to make the most of your experience on Kujira.

Connecting Your Wallet

When navigating to any of our dApps, it is important to connect your wallet to be able to use the applications. By connecting your wallet, you grant permission to our applications to interact with your wallet which allows you to start using your funds to perform transactions. All transactions must be initiated and approved by users. You can find the connect wallet symbol on the top right corner of the screen on all of our dApp webpages (except on FINDER which does not require you to connect your wallet).

Funding your Wallet using Kado

One convenient feature that has been added to is the ability to add funds directly to the Kujira network using Kado Money, an on-ramp for directly moving funds into the Kujira ecosystem. On BLUE, simply connect your wallet as explained above, and then hover over your wallet address in the same place where you just connected it. Then at the bottom of your listed wallet balances, you should see a white K on a blue background and the writing Fund with Kado. Clicking on that text will bring up a handy little pop up that allows you to directly send money from your bank account to Kujira via Kado. You can sign up for Kado here or directly in the Kujira app as a part of this process.

Changing Gas

One very important aspect of the Kuijra blockchain is that all tokens on the network are native tokens. This means that gas fees may be paid in any token. If you are trying to accumulate USK, KUJI, or some other token, there is no need to spend USK, KUJI, etc. for every transaction on the chain.
To change the token used to pay gas fees, simply hover above your wallet address on the top right corner of the webpage and select + click on a token that you wish to use for gas fees. Once successful, the desired gas fee token should display with a small gas pump symbol next to it.
For ease of use, we have added a small grid at the top right of all of our dApps, next to the wallet. This allows for seamless navigation between all of our dApps right in one ago.