Kujira Support

The stellar Kujira moderation team has implemented top level support practices and services across various platforms to give our users the best possible blockchain and community experience. These support tools include the support ticket system in the Kujira Discord, the friendly Cosmobot in the main Kujira Telegram chat, various product guides in the Kujira docs, and the ever open and friendly DMs of our amazing support team members. If you're ever stuck or last, make sure to either create a support ticket on the Kujira Discord or ask a question in one of the Kujira Telegram or Discord chats.
Furthermore, their actions have gone a long long way to making our Telegram and Discord fun and engaging places for all of our community members. If you have a moment, and you have been helped by any of our moderators, please acknowledge their hard work and be sure to thank them for their support if you have a chance.
We would like to give a special shout out to Alex (Rorcual), Jan (JPG), Romano Americano (KujiDAO), Rose, Dave (SamusAran), Tiegus, and Phtevenxx for their continued hard work through thick and thin.