Along with our Discord, Telegram is the primary means of directly communicating with the team (and experienced & friendly chat moderators), asking for support on technical issues, (on occasion polite requests or recommendations for new features or modifications to existing features), engaging with the community in a relatively informal setting, or hearing the latest announcements from the team before they go live anywhere else. There are 3 official Telegram chats.
Important note: on Telegram for most crypto projects there are many scammers who impersonate team members & moderators and direct message users who ask for help/support in chats to target them for hacks via social engineering. Team members will never direct message you first. If they message you in private, it will only be after letting you know that they will do so first in chat. Kujira Team members have the tag Team next to their name when they send messages in chat and other moderators have Kujira fren as a tag when they send messages in the chat. It is generally recommended that you message moderators or team members yourself first after they ask you to private message them in one of the main chats as pretenders can still attempt to message you in private to deceive you.

Main Chat

The main Telegram chat focuses on community support, community engagement, fundamental analysis of the Kujira Protocol, and alpha leaks. No price discussion is allowed in the main chat and we strongly encourage it to be kept to an absolute minimum. Memes are of course allowed and encouraged. Accessed here:​

Price Chat

A more informal Telegram chat that allows discussions about tokenomics/price action/etc. Accessed here:​

Announcements Channel

A Telegram channel containing new announcements from Team Kujira about the Protocol Suite and Kujira ecosystem. Accessed here:​
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