Staking KUJI

Staking KUJI with a Kujira validator will earn you a basket of apex assets over time. All fees that are collected are paid to stakers through our validators. They are not converted to KUJI first, which means that it is easy to accumulate a diversified staking yield rather than just more KUJI. We are adding an option to redeem staking rewards as KUJI as well based on popular demand.
Kujira does not rely on inflationary tokens in order to incentivize staking. We are sustainable. Revenue (including gas) from Kujira’s internal dApps such as ORCA and FIN is sent back to stakers, as well as a portion of revenue from each external protocol that launches on the chain.
Please navigate here if you would like to stake your KUJI.
A more detailed explanation on the nuances of KUJI staking can be found here.