Developer Kickstart Page


Look below for aggregated Kujira tooling. But first, a wholesome welcome message to developers!

Welcome to Kujira

Hello builders, and welcome!
We are very excited about the prospect of you building with us, and are honored to be under consideration as your future blockchain home. At Kuijra, we are giving it our all to build a sustainable crypto ecosystem. Realizing that vision is possible if motivated people like you join us and contribute to our shared ambition.
We want to make your decision process as simple as possible, so we’ve organized all of the resources you might need into this developer kickstart page.
Of course, there’s always the slight chance we have overlooked something. As a budding blockchain, we have plenty of time and energy to reach out to involved projects and developers. If you have a question that our shared resources fail to clarify, please reach out to us by email at [email protected] or [email protected], via Twitter DM @teamkujira, or please reach out in our main Telegram or Discord chat.
We have first hand experience navigating the ups and downs of building a product on a chain. We know the frustrations and pain points which is why we are working so hard to smooth out the process. Attracting the best and brightest teams to our protocol is a priority, and we are pretty sure teams of caliber are looking for stellar documentation and time-saving tooling.
There is still so much amazing stuff that needs building. Maybe you are the perfect fit to do it?
We hope to hear from you soon!
Team Kujira
Kujira docs developer section
Of particular interest are the following Github subsections The list of all interfaces that are made available by Kujira's modules, that dApp developers can utilize in their contracts