Wider Ecosystem

Aside from our first party dApps, we are the happy host of brilliant third party projects building on Kujira that are spear-headed by a variety of teams and community members. All of these projects can be found on our ecosystem projects page where we will list all of the teams building on Kujira. They are just as much the blood pumping through the massive veins of the whale that is the Kujira chain as our first party products themselves.
At the moment, public projects building on Kujira include Atlo Protocol, Black Whale, CALC Finance, DLOYAL Refer, Entropic Labs, Fitlink, Kujira Name Service, Kujirans, Local Money, and SRL Finance.
At the moment, public partnerships & integrations with Kujira include Axelar, CoinGecko, DefiLlama, Kado, Hero NFT, Nomic, Persistence, Coinhall, Rango, Nansen Portfolio, Stargaze, Stride, and WooCommerce.