How to Participate


Kujira offers a variety of ways for individuals to get involved in the ecosystem. Developers can create new products on the Kujira blockchain, while validators can help secure and decentralize the chain. Community members can also have a say in the direction of the chain by voting on changes and participating in the various features and infrastructure offered.
The Kujira blockchain can easily integrate ORCA with EVM and Cosmos money markets, providing numerous benefits such as increased capital efficiency and reduced risk of insolvency. Liquidators can also bid on integrated money market liquidations with USK to purchase discounted collateral.
New projects can apply to be listed on FIN to improve their tokenomics and reduce necessary liquidity requirements for their token supply. Projects can also advertise to the entire Kujira community by providing incentives on BOW. Developers who want to build on Kujira can apply to participate in Kujira Labs
our virtual & in-person accelerator program in Lisbon, Portugal.
KUJI stakers can collect a diversified portfolio of popular assets based on their popularity on Kujira dApps, as a portion of total protocol revenue. FIN allows for up to 10x margin that can be used for leveraged long or short positions. USK minting is a way to go long on deposited collateral such as ATOM, DOT, nBTC, and axlETH. Kujira's ecosystem also includes other dApps that offer exciting opportunities such as AI-boosted dollar cost averaging, peer-to-peer off-ramp services, and community-owned market making bots.