Security is essential for decentralized finance and decentralized commerce to run smoothly. At Kujira, we aspire to bring top-level security to all of our products and underlying infrastructure.
Our USK, ORCA, and Kujira Senate contracts have been thoroughly audited:
ORCA Audit by SCV (Smart Contract Verification)
Kujira USK Stablecoin Contracts Audit by SCV (Smart Contract Verification)
Kujira Senate by SCV (Smart Contract Verification)

Here are some security concepts we recommend everyone familiarize themselves with to best protect yourself:

Private keys - no, not the ones to your naughty feet pics, the ones that give you access to your crypto wallet. In this guide by Ledger, you’ll learn what a private key is, the difference between private and public keys and how to keep them safe.
While these words may sound complicated, it is worth understanding the method that underpins cybersecurity. Security audits provide an extra layer of security, with the code behind smart contracts being scrutinised by a professional third party.
Unfortunately, cryptocurrency and scams appear to be synonymous with major exploits occurring frequently. This guide serves as an introduction to security in crypto and provides the mental framework necessary to keep yourself safe.
When Elon Musk himself is offering to giveaway 1BTC to you, perhaps take a minute to think about how ridiculous this is. Giveaway scams are rampant on all social media, but what are the other common scams in crypto? Read this guide to find out.
“Not your keys, not your crypto” is a well-known phrase in crypto, but there are many other ways in which you can secure the safety of your crypto assets. Read more below:
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As the TVL in DeFi soars, so does the incentive to scam users. In this article, Binance Academy goes through a few red flags that investors should be cautious of before investing.
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No, this isn’t a euphemism. Read on to find out what a rug pull is and how to protect yourself from them.

Crypto scams

In this section, you can find 6 examples of common scams in crypto and how to best avoid them. This is not an exhaustive list but as a crypto market participant, you will likely experience at least one of the examples provided.