How to View and Manage Bookmarked Wallets

This guide explains how to view and manage bookmarks
  • Navigate to
  • Click on ‘My Bookmarks’ and you will see a list of bookmarked wallets
  • Feel free to name the name wallets by clicking to the left of them where it says ‘Untitled’ and entering whichever name you would like. You can also rename wallets in the same manner
  • View specific wallets by scrolling down to the wallet of interest and clicking on the Kujira address, it will bring up that wallet’s holdings and history
  • You may remove any saved bookmarks by clicking the red bookmark symbol on the far right. This is irreversible (until you readd the bookmark) so be careful! You can also delete your internet browser’s cache/cookies to delete all of your bookmarked wallets. (Bookmarks are stored locally on your internet browser rather than being associated with your wallet)