Our venture-builder program, Kujira Labs, is an accelerator program meant to supercharge the Kujira ecosystem. Kujira is a semi-permissioned ecosystem -- meaning one must pass a governance vote to build. With the community dynamically evaluating new projects and funding proposals, we should be able to eliminate almost all rug pulls, scammers, or projects with awful tokenomics.
Here, at Kujira, we are building a unique ecosystem that has real revenue generating applications, providing users with real, sustainable yield -- leveraging the crypto ecosystem as a tool to amplify and deepen community engagement.
To build the Kujira of tomorrow, we need to attract the best builders around the world who are captivated by the Kujira ethos. As builders who intimately understand the journey from fostering community to product market fit -- the perseverance, grit, and ups, and downs -- we're best positioned to attract, nature, and partner with the best teams in crypto.
The venture-builder program has two parts, with the first part being in-person. Nothing is quite like interacting in person, and we believe this will be a competitive advantage over other ecosystems. With this in mind, we have already begun looking for office space in Lisbon, Portugal -- the epicenter of crypto in Europe. As a builder, you will directly with the core Kujira team. We will be bringing in the best advisers and mentors from both the web2 and web3 worlds. More detailed information to come.
Additionally, we are in the process of ironing out final details for our "virtual" accelerator program. Inspired by Near's "Open Web Collective", Binance's "Most Valuable Builders" program and Polygon's "PolygonLeap" program, we will be partnering with teams from all over the world who want to build on Kujira.
Experts from business development, engineering, marketing, and product design will assist, guide, and mentor. Teams will be introduced to investors and coached on fundraising, with the team at Kujira to support and partner with you each step of the way.
We could not possibly be more excited for this new journey. Come build with us. Please fill out this google form to get started and we will be in touch soon.