Vote on Proposals

Help shape the future of Kujira by voting on governance proposals.
Governance proposals are submitted by members of the Kujira community and can cover a wide range of topics, including updates to the Kujira platform, changes to network parameters, and new features or services. These proposals are discussed and debated in the Kujira community, and then put to a vote for approval or rejection.
As a member of the Kujira community, you have the right to vote on these proposals. This is an important way to participate in the governance of the network and help shape its future direction.
To cast your vote, you will need to stake your KUJI tokens with a validator. You can then use the Kujira governance platform to view and vote on current proposals. It's important to carefully consider each proposal and make an informed decision based on your own values and interests.
It's worth noting that if you don't vote on a proposal, your vote will be deferred to your staked validator(s). This means that it's essential to choose a validator that you trust and feel is aligned with your interests. You can also express your views on proposals to the Senate, either through the Discord Governance Forum or other channels, to help ensure that your perspective is considered when decisions are made.
Overall, voting on governance proposals is a key way to participate in the Kujira community and help shape the future of the network. Make sure to make your voice heard by voting and expressing your views on proposals.