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Kujira Communities

Kujira community members hail from diverse backgrounds. We hope to grow many subcommunities passionate about sharing Kujira with more people run by earnest actors. Often, these groups go beyond and above to allow their members to enjoy the Kujira experience from the lens of their own cultures or languages.
By placing a spotlight on a few of these communities, we want to bring to light the hard work of some of our more passionate community members. We hope that these communities nurture new folks to grow the Kujira family and grow over time with the Kujira ecosystem.
At the moment, although official Kujira communications are largely in English, the Kujira Discord, has many community channels for speakers of other languages. We are happy to create new channels if there is enough interest from members of any particular community.
Furthermore, we would like to give a hearty shout out to the vibrant Kujira En Espanol, Kujira Turkey, Kujira Netherlands, Kujira Arabia, Kujira Portugal, Kujira Switzerland, KujItalia, and Kujira Germany communities, which are run by awesome community members. They all translate official Kujira content and double as cultural hubs for native speakers.