The Dashboard tab contains a simple user interface that allows users to track all of their open positions.
The GHOST Dashboard contains two sections: 'Borrow Positions' and 'Lending Positions'.

Borrow Positions

The topmost section displays all of the user's open Borrow positions and displays comprehensive information about the safety of those positions. It also contains a navigation button to directly manage the position on the GHOST borrow tab.

Lending Positions

The bottommost section displays all of the user's open lending positions. These lending positions correspond both to xAssets contained in the User's wallet and to corresponding underlying assets that have been provided as liquidity on GHOST. Lending positions are ordered from top to bottom based on the numbers of units of each asset that have been lent to the platform (not based on total value, but rather on amount of units). For example, say you've lent 100 KUJI to GHOST worth $100, 500 LUNA to GHOST worth $250, and 50 ATOM worth $350--in that case, the lending positions would be ordered from top to bottom: LUNA, KUJI, ATOM.
This section also contains information about each open lending position that is identical to the information in the GHOST 'Lend' tab. More info here.
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