How to Unstake any Cosmos L1 Token

Follow this guide to Unstake from one validator on any Cosmos L1.
  • Navigate to
  • Connect on the top right to your Keplr or Sonar wallet by clicking the connect wallet button and selecting the corresponding wallet (Keplr or Sonar)
  • Next, at the top right, select the corresponding chain to the native token that you would like to unstake by scrolling through the list
  • Select any individual validator that you would like to unstake from. A new page with more detailed information should pop up
  • Select the Gray ‘Unstake’ box
  • Enter the amount of ‘Token’ that you would like to unstake–remember the process takes 2 weeks to complete up to the total staked balance listed
  • Finally, click the blue ‘Unstake Token’ button and pay gas fees to start the unstake process