Kujira News

Kujira alpha 24/7
The Kujira ecosystem is frenetic. Articles, calls, governance proposals, new features, threads, etc. There's action every day and you probably can't track it all.
Kujira News aggregates Kujira updates for you. It tells you when something happens, with sources, so you don't have to track it yourself, but can verify anything shared.
As an unofficial community Telegram channel (and Twitter account) run by Daniel Lux and Romano Americano, we have both the energy and the leeway to share smaller updates that get overlooked elsewhere.
  • Catch up on the newest Kujira ecosystem alpha in real time
  • Get reminders on: chain upgrades, scheduled Twitter spaces, upcoming protocol launches, etc.
  • Keep track of: announcements, Kuji Kast videos, Senate meetings, Weekly Roundups, etc.
  • Stay up to date on: content creators, developers, governance, protocols, senators, & validators