I can't find my order on FIN even though it should have gone through did I lose my money?

After orders execute on FIN, it is necessary to claim them before you can see the new tokens you bought in your wallet. Make sure to navigate to the claim tab of any token pair that you made a transaction on and check to see if there are any open completed orders to claim!

Where does KUJI staking yield come from? Is the token inflationary?

No, KUJI is a non-inflationary token. Kujira dApps all generate real revenue from user adoption. Any fees paid on those dApps are redirected to KUJI stakers.

Do I need to have KUJI to be able to use the Kujira network?

No, actually, gas fees may be paid in any token on the Kujira network, so using our cross-chain bridge or IBC transfer on BLUE found here, simply move tokens to the Kujira network and then you can use those tokens to pay gas fees (as all tokens on Kujira are native tokens).

What are the main value proposition of KUJI and Kujira?

KUJI is a bet on the revenue generated by the Kujira network. Since Kujira is a sustainable network relying on real-yield, as long as network adoption increases over time, the KUJI token should theoretically appreciate in value as well and staking yields will increase. Therefore, a bet on KUJI is a bet on the Kujira community, ecosystem, developers, and team to build, build, and build in a sustainable ethical manner.

How do I acquire USK, Kujira's Stablecoin?

USK can be obtained in a variety of ways. For one, different types of collateral can be supplied on the Mint tab in BLUE to mint USK that is essentially borrowed against that lent collateral. It is best to read up on the properties of USK here to avoid accidentally self-liquidating if you acquire USK in this manner. Another way to obtain USK is by simply trading for it on FIN. There are many USK trading pairs, and obtaining any of the other assets that trade with USK on FIN allow one to place market or limit orders to swap for USK. One other method to obtain USK is by staking KUJI. As fees paid in USK accumulate over time, these fees are distributed to KUJI stakers in the form of the original assets paid as fees--and thus KUJI stakers earn USK among other assets used as fees on the Kujira Network.

Do USK and UST rely on similar underlying mechanisms?

No. USK and UST use entirely different mechanisms. UST was an algorithmic stable coin that functioned as a bet against another paid token, LUNA. USK can not even be minted by using KUJI at the moment. Furthermore, USK relies on overcollateralization by 166% to guarantee that even if the collateral used to mint USK were to fall in value and be liquidated at a 30% premium, the funds recouped would more than cover all minted USK. In other words, USK is fully backed by assets with real value -- rather it is backed at 166%, 66% above the normal one to one backing that is usual for other stable coins like USDC. USK relies on a tested mechanism similar to DAI except USK uses uncensorable collateral making it far more robust. Kujira revolves around sustainability and we will never create or endorse anything remotely Ponzi-like.

Who should I stake with? I don't have the time to do research

Staking is a very important part of securing the Kujira network. It is thus equally important to carefully research who you want to stake with. There are many different aspects to staking which can be read about here and in the corresponding subsections. That being said, as explained here, if you don't have the time to research who you want to stake with, you can simply stake with the entire validator set at once to promote decentralization of the network if you are short on time.

We want to collaborate with Kujira who should we talk to?

I would start off by talking to Dan Tanaka and then maybe reaching out to Dove depending on the situation.

How do I bring money onto the Kujira network?

There are plenty of ways to do this. A detailed explanation can be found here.

I am stuck and want to ask for help who do I talk to?

Feel free to pop into the Discord and submit a support ticket. Otherwise, simply reach out on our Discord or Telegram and ask your question. Sometimes it might help to tag or dm any team members. The founders are pretty busy so your best bet might be Alex, Dave, Jan, and Daniel. We would recommend reaching out to moderators on Discord such as Romano or Rose before trying to contact team members directly unless it is an urgent or sensitive matter. The community is also always very happy to help in the main chats. Just be wary of private messages from scammers and stay on your toes!