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Smart Stake

Smart Stake is a member of the Kujira active validator set that validates on many chains.
Smart Stake provides helpful third party analytics for chains that they validate on. This includes validator statuses, detailed network analytics (including an information breakdown of various key network components and charts displaying changes in important statistics over time), and a governance breakdown showing how different validators (and other Kuijra wallet addresses) vote on current and past governance proposals.
Independent third party community network analytics help promote network decentralization as they can be compared against first party analytics. Smart Stake provides an important service by putting accountability in the hands of the community. Validators can be held accountable as their voting behavior is publicly available.
Kujira Smart Stake analytics can be found here.
That being said, we still encourage delegators to aim for a relatively homogenous split across the total validator set, where they can, to increase and promote network decentralization.