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Cosmobot is a very friendly security-enhancing community moderation tool powered by Rose and Sub Zero that is often seen prowling various Cosmos related Telegram chats. Cosmobot is effective at deterring spam by implementing a clever captcha gate process that combines helpful phishing prevention tips with visual challenges. A sample from the startup process is contained below.
Cosmobot has a lot of other nifty features such as the ability to post preset security messages and tips at specified time intervals. The set of compatible commands that are useable on the Kujira chat can be obtained by privately messaging Cosmobot at @ibc_cosmobot on Telegram and typing in #kujicommands. These commands are very helpful in navigating the Kujira ecosystem.
Of special note is the fun #tip feature which works by tipping KUJI to other members of the community chats to keep things lively! Be sure to check Cosmobot out!