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Grown-Up DeFi (GUD)

The next evolution of decentralized finance

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new"

At Kujira, we believe that DeFi can be a respected and aboveboard part of the financial system, and we are committed to building technologies that revolutionize the way the world thinks about finance.
But we also believe that DeFi needs to mature in order to realize its full potential. That is why we have adopted a set of principles that guide our approach to building GUD:
  • Decentralized finance can and should be ethical. We will not advertise large, unrealistic, unsustainable yields, and we will always be transparent about our practices.
  • We will never embrace endlessly inflationary governance tokens that do not derive underlying value from revenue generation. We believe that DeFi needs a rigorous foundation that will not crumble even as leverage is wiped out of the system.
  • Proper risk management, underpinning incentives, decentralization, and community voice are all critical to GUD success. We will always strive to balance these values in order to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem.
2022 was a wake-up call for the DeFi space, with multiple high-profile failures and collapses. It's clear that we need a new approach to DeFi that prioritizes sustainability and long-term value. At Kujira, we are committed to building the foundation for the Grown-Up DeFi revolution. Join us as we work to create a better future for decentralized finance.