Medium is the primary means for the Kujira team to provide formal, detailed blog posts about new products, project events, partnerships, changes in tokenomics, summaries of recent happenings, or anything else of importance that the team wants to communicate in a formal, precise way to the wider community.
The official Medium can be found at​


One important way we use our Medium is to accompany important announcements/product launches with detailed explanations.
Here are a few standout examples:
​Welcome to FIN – The Future of the DEX (relevant back on Terra)


Another type of important Medium Article or Blog Post that we may create relates to detailed tutorials or explanations of our products.
Here are a few standout examples:
​Stake, Vote, Earn (relevant back on Terra)
​ORCA aUST Bids Earn Interest While They Wait (relevant back on Terra)


A companion to another Kujira feature, the Education website, the Kujira Medium is also used to provide detailed articles about important concepts relating to the Kujira product suite.
This is a newer usage of our Medium, but will become more important with time.
Here are a few standout examples:

Weekly Roundup

We have also begun a weekly roundup of Kujira ecosystem activity.
Past articles can be found below:
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