Meet Team Kujira

Team Kujira is a dedicated group of individuals working to build and grow the Kujira platform. Here is a brief introduction to some of the key members of the team:

Our 3 Founders

Brett @Cryptoslang1 | Golden retriever, central front-end developer for Kujira
Dove @Deadrightdove | Dove, CEO and public face of Kujira
Hans @Codehans1 | Hen, central back-end & smart contract developer for Kujira

Core Team

Alex @Unconumb | Community manager and runs the Rorcual validator with a partner
Amit @Const_amit | Core team Smart Contract Wizard
Dan Tanaka @Dantanakakujira | Growth lead and head biz dev
Daniel Lux @Thuxo_Lux | Research & writing | building WinkHUB | KujiDAO cofounder
Dave @Brinstar_Kuji | CFA Charterholder, moderator, advisor
Jan @JPTG119 | Responsible for media and community
KP @KPeruggi | Content and Outreach