👨💻 👨💻 Who are Team Kujira

Our 3 Founders

Brett @cryptoslang1 | Golden retriever, central front-end developer for Kujira Dove @deadrightdove | Dove, CEO and public face of Kujira Hans @codehans1 | Hen, central back-end & smart contract developer for Kujira

Core Team

Dan Tanaka @dantanakakujira | Growth lead and head biz dev at Kujira Alex @Unconumb | Community manager and runs the Rorcual validator with a partner Daniel Lux @Thuxo_Lux | Researches, strategizes, and innovates at Kujira / KujiDAO cofounder Dave @Brinstar_Kuji | CFA Charterholder, moderator, advisor, involved behind the scenes Jan @JPTG119 | Responsible for media and marketing at Kujira Kuji Peruggi @KujiPeruggi | Creates high quality written content for Kujira Tnut @Teeznutz11 | Biz dev involved in something special TBA later on