Kujira Ecosystem Dashboard
BLUE is your all-in-one dashboard for the Kujira ecosystem. Here, you can bond KUJI, vote on governance, swap KUJI, bridge to the Kujira network, and claim rewards. This is the hub of the Kujira protocol, where you can shape its future through governance and earn a portion of Kujira's revenue by staking KUJI.


The BLUE dashboard provides key analytics for the Kujira blockchain, including:
  • KUJI price
  • Fully diluted value (FDV) of KUJI
  • Total liquid supply of KUJI
  • KUJI annual percentage rate (APR) over a 30-day range
  • Current block height
  • Average block time
  • Total number of Kujira network transactions
  • Inflation percentage
  • Token release schedule
  • Personal amount of staked KUJI
  • Graphical breakdown of total KUJI supply, including the treasury
The KUJI price on the BLUE dashboard is sourced from Coin Gecko's API. The FDV of the KUJI token is calculated as the maximum supply of KUJI tokens after token vesting is finished, multiplied by the current KUJI token price. The liquid supply refers to the unstaked portion of the circulating KUJI supply that is not locked up in a smart contract. The current block height represents the total number of blocks produced by the Kujira blockchain. The average block time is the average amount of time it takes to produce a new block. The number of Kujira network transactions can give an estimate of total network activity. The inflation percentage is the amount of new KUJI tokens created over time and is also a measure of existing token holder dilution. Kujira has no inflation and the inflation percentage is always 0%.
The wallet tab has several useful features, including the ability to:
  • Create new vesting contracts for any token on the Kujira blockchain
  • Send token balances to other wallets
  • Display the amount of each of your Kujira token balances and your overall token dollar balance
  • Display your total amount of staked KUJI
  • Allow for the auto-conversion of user-selected assets on the Kujira blockchain to KUJI.

Creating Vesting Contracts

Auto-convert Assets to KUJI


This tab is a lite interface for performing a simple swap between any tokens. This is accomplished by placing FIN market orders behind the scenes. Swaps are currently limited to FIN market pairs. To trade between two assets without a direct FIN pair, you can first trade for USK or axlUSDC as necessary, depending on the target asset using the BLUE swap UI. At most, you may need to make up to 3 trades.

IBC / Bridge

The IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) / Bridge tab is where you can connect to other networks and transfer assets between them.

Cosmos IBC Transfer

This subtab allows anyone to bridge assets over from any Cosmos blockchain to Kujira or vice-versa using IBC almost instantly.

Axelar Bridge

The Axelar Bridge subtab allows anyone to bridge native assets from all integrated blockchains (including Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, Avalanche, Moonbeam, etc.) to Kujira as Axelar wrapped assets via a simple interface.

Gravity Bridge

The Gravity Bridge subtab is a simple interface with two main functions. First, users can bridge supported assets (KUJI, USK, PAXG) from Ethereum into Kujira using the Gravity Bridge. Second, users can bridge supported assets (KUJI, USK, gPAXG) from the Gravity Bridge to Ethereum. This can be accomplished by using the Cosmos IBC Transfer tab to send a supported asset to the Gravity Bridge blockchain and then using the Gravity Bridge interface on BLUE to bridge the asset over to Ethereum.

Nomic Bridge

The Nomic Bridge subtab is a simple interface which allows Nomic Bitcoin (nBTC) to be bridged from the Nomic blockchain to Kujira. (This is currently only available on Testnet.)


The Mint tab is where you can mint USK, which is a stablecoin pegged to the value of the US dollar.




Chain Governance