BLUE (Central Hub)

Kujira Ecosystem Dashboard
BLUE is your all-in-one dashboard for the Kujira ecosystem. Here, you can bond KUJI, vote on governance, swap KUJI, bridge to the Kujira network, and claim rewards. This is the hub of the Kujira blockchain, where you can shape its future through governance and earn a portion of Kujira's revenue by staking KUJI.
Navigate to any of these more detailed pages to understand everything BLUE has to offer!
  • Dashboard (Ecosystem analytics)
  • Wallet (View token balances, send tokens, automatically convert small balances to KUJI)
  • Swap (Simple token swap user interface)
  • IBC / Bridge (Transfer tokens from other blockchains to and from the Kujira blockchain)
  • Mint (Mint USK, Kujira's native stablecoin, using acceptable collateral)
  • Stake (Bond KUJI with validators to earn rewards and vote on governance proposals)
  • Govern (Vote on governance proposals, review past proposals, track Kujira Senate activity)
  • Developer (Store, instantiate, migrate, query, and execute contracts)