Easily track BOW liquidity provision (LP) performance

Track LP performance using the BOW dashboard

The BOW dashboard displays all active BOW liquidity provision (LP) token positions for any connected wallet. Positions are listed in order from largest liquidity provision token balance to smallest.
Additional information is displayed for each active pair like this:


The APR is the near-term expected yearly return on (staked) provided liquidity via rewards that come from swap fees and farming incentives. The APR is dynamic and changes with pair volume and incentives.

Farming Incentives

The 'Farming Incentives' are incentives that have been provided to further bootstrap usage of a token pair. The 'Overview' tab on the BOW 'Pools' section for each token pair has graphs displaying the total amount of incentives disseminated over time.

My LP Balance

'My LP Balance' shows the total amount of liquidity provided to a specific token pair as well as the estimated dollar balance. Stake LP tokens to maximize BOW rewards!

My Stake

'My stake' shows the total amount of staked LP tokens for a specific pair as well as the estimated dollar balance. Staking LP tokens increases the share of fees received from holding LP tokens. LP tokens can be unstaked at any time almost instantly.

Rewards (unclaimed)

The last part of the dashboard tracks a wallet's unclaimed rewards for a token pair with actively provided liquidity. Rewards are broken down into the amount of each asset previously earned (and not yet claimed) from staking LP tokens.