The wallet tab has several useful features, including the ability to:
  • Create new vesting contracts for any token on the Kujira blockchain
  • Send token balances to other wallets
  • Display the amount & value of your wallet token balances and overall dollar balance
  • Explore relevant FIN trading pairs to swap your tokens
  • Display the value and total amount of your staked KUJI
  • Allow for the auto-conversion of user-selected assets on the Kujira blockchain to KUJI
  • Navigate to your transaction history on FINDER​

Creating Vesting Contracts

The BLUE wallet tab allows anyone to create vesting contracts for any asset on the Kujira blockchain. Simply send tokens to an empty (i.e. new factory default state) wallet, choose the vesting tokens option, and specify a total amount of tokens and future end date to control the vesting pace. Read more here.

Auto-convert Assets to KUJI

The BLUE wallet tab has a handy tool for quickly converting small non-KUJI balances into KUJI. Read more here.
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