The Kujira Senate believes transparency and effective communication are necessary to best serve the Kujira community's grant funding needs.
The Constitution, which must first be ratified by community governance explains 'how' the Senate intends to accomplish its mandate of sustainably funding community grants.
As part of this funding process, it is essential to keep in constant contact with the community across various channels.


For the initial bootstrapping phase, the Senate has used a private Telegram group and Notion to make member introductions and discuss initial considerations such as the Senate's scope and the Senate Constitution in an attempt to reach some level of internal consensus before engaging in public discussion. These two tools will continue to see use, but a greater percentage of communications will be public moving forward as the Senate gains steam.

Planned Communication

In general, the Senate plans to communicate with community members in multiple ways including Twitter, Discord, and the Kujira weekly roundup.
The Kujira Senate has its own Twitter account @KujiraSenate. Twitter Spaces are another way for community members to ask senators questions in real time about specific topics and ensure concerns are heard during the grant process.
There are two Kujira Senate Discord channels as well as a Senate governance forum for public discussion of community funding proposals. The 'senate-read-only' discussion channel is meant for succinctly sharing public communications in a space where only senators can discuss. The other 'senate' channel is meant for anyone in the community to speak up and ask questions and for Senators to publicly discuss their thoughts and opinions.
In the main telegram Kujira chat, all Senators have identifying Senator tags (aside from Daniel Lux who has a Team Kujira tag).
There is a Kujira Senate email [email protected] for general external communications.
Finally, the Senate also plans to share minutes of its internal team meetings.