FINDER (Explorer)

FINDER is the official blockchain explorer for the Kujira Network. It is an essential piece of infrastructure that allows users to track addresses, transactions, validators, and more on the Kujira Network.
Some key points about FINDER include:
  • Can be used on both mainnet and testnet
  • Mainnet is intended for the majority of users, while testnet is useful for developers to verify transactions and track other information
  • Allows users to bookmark and name multiple addresses by searching for them and clicking the bookmark icon in the upper right corner
  • Saved addresses correspond to cookies, so they may need to be recreated if cookies are deleted
  • Users can view saved addresses by clicking the bookmark button next to the search bar
FINDER is a valuable tool for anyone using the Kujira Network, whether for mainnet or testnet purposes. It allows users to easily track and manage their addresses and transactions, making it an important part of the Kujira ecosystem.