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How to Mint USK

Follow these steps to mint USK using different type of collateral on BLUE
  • Navigate to​
  • Connect on the top right to your Keplr or Sonar wallet by clicking the connect wallet button and selecting the corresponding wallet (Keplr or Sonar).
  • Scroll down to the asset that you would like to use as collateral.
  • Under the target asset, select the BLUE box saying “Open Position”.
  • Under ‘Deposit Collateral’ enter the intended amount of collateral you would like to add (in terms of number of tokens) a correspond USD value will be displayed under “Collateral Value” to the right.
  • Next, under Mint USK enter an amount of USK to mint.
  • To the right, a New LTV (loan-to-value threshold), total amount of USK currently borrowed (minted), and a liquidation price for the asset you’re supplying as collateral. The supplied collateral will be liquidated if it drops below the stated liquidation price. The current value of the asset is displayed higher up under ‘Collateral Price’. Furthermore, a mint fee as well as the current interest rate are displayed as well.
  • Finally, if you are comfortable with the setup, select the BLUE ‘Open Position’ button and pay gas fees to complete the mint process.