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Kujira is a blockchain ecosystem driven first and foremost by its suite of synergistic, ground-breaking, and sustainable decentralized applications & infrastructure. Directly built by ‘Team Kujira’ is a bevy of high quality products:
  • ORCA, the world’s first public marketplace for liquidated collateral
  • FIN, Cosmos’ first decentralized, permissionless, 100% on-chain, fair matching order book style token exchange
  • BLUE, the heart of the Kujira ecosystem
    a hub containing a KUJI dashboard, KUJI staking, governance voting, KUJI swapping, Kujira Network bridging / IBC'ing, and rewards claiming
  • FINDER, a tool to search for present and historical data on the Kujira blockchain
  • USK, a decentralized over-collateralized stablecoin only backed by uncensorable collateral
  • Sonar, an upcoming sleek, next generation Cosmos wallet which will be available on various desktop and mobile platforms
  • The Kujira Senate, a new powerful governance mechanism that will springboard decentralization and make Kujira substantially more agile
  • POD, a decentralization enhancing staking UI built for Cosmos Network