The Kujira Discord is a community hub containing many channels for different types of activity. We will detail a few aspects of the Discord below though much can be found out simply by exploring our Discord which is contained at
Along with our Telegram, Discord is the primary means of directly communicating with the team (and experienced & friendly chat moderators), asking for support on technical issues, (on occasion polite requests or recommendations for new features or modifications to existing features), engaging with the community in a relatively informal setting, or hearing the latest announcements from the team before they go live anywhere else. The easiest way to request for support on our Discord is to create a Support Ticket. Further, details below. Important note: on Discord for most crypto projects there are many scammers who impersonate team members & moderators and direct message users who ask for help/support in chats to target them for hacks via social engineering. Team members will never direct message you first. If they message you in private, it will only be after letting you know that they will do so first in chat. Kujira Team members have the role Team next to their name when they send messages in any of the Kujira Discord channels and other moderators will have Admin, Moderator, or Community Moderator roles when they send messages in the chat. It is generally recommended that you message moderators or team members yourself first after they ask you to private message them in one of the main chats as pretenders can still attempt to message you in private to deceive you.


Roles are used on the Kujira Discord to group community members and assign different permissions.


Anyone can participate in the Kujira Discord after a simple verification process. It may be necessary to temporarily enable direct messages from unknown accounts as a part of the verification process.

Main Chat

The Main chat channels are places for people to discuss certain topics and/or socialize. Discord easily allows for multi-thread discussions across separate channels and this is where the experience shines. There are many useful chats that can be found here including general chat, price chat, validator-shopping, hackathon, developer, feedback, lounge-3, and memes among others.

Support Tickets

Kujira community members can directly request for help to moderators and team members by creating support tickets in the #help channel which can be within the Assistance channels group.

Social Posts

This channel can be found within the initial Welcome channel chats. It links to new Tweets, Medium articles, Instagram entries, and more by Team Kujira in real time as they go live.

Content Creation

This is where we encourage eager Kujira Content Creators to strut their stuff: share their content, suggest content ideas, and collaborate in Kujira fashion.

Our dApps

These are chats for users to discover our main protocols and have users comment or ask questions about them.


These channels are spaces for Kujira protocols to market themselves and engage directly with the Kujira community.

NFT Projects

These channels are spaces for Kujira affiliated projects to market themselves and connect directly with the Kujira community.


There is a wide host of validator chats where validators discuss technical aspects of validating on Kujira and collaborate on securing testnet and mainnet on the Kujira chain.


These chats are for our community members to speak in different languages and make merry.


Contains channels with proposal announcements and proposal discussions for the community to keep tabs on and participate in.

Governance Forum

A public forum for the community to discuss new proposals before they go up for voting. This can be used as one platform among others to discuss with the Kujira Senate about Kujira Governance.