All Liquidity Pools

This section of the 'Pools' page not only comes with a nifty search bar that filters for specific liquidity pools but also contains slightly different information from the featured pools section. Each liquidity pair has information displaying total pool liquidity, retroactive APR calculated based on the past 21 days of trading, current combined APR, personal LP balance, unstaked personal LP balance, as well as available token incentives for that liquidity pair.
Furthermore, each liquidity pool contains more detailed information and interactivity upon opening the related liquidity pool specific BOW user interface including the 'Overview', 'Provide', and 'Stake' tabs.
All 3 subpages have a consistent header with the following information: FIN orderbook size (in asset amount and dollar value), total BOW liquidity (in asset amount and dollar value), combined trading and incentive APR, and available token incentives for staking provided LP balances.
Furthermore, under the part of the header with the gray text 'Incentives', is 'Incentive this pool' in white text. Click that text to proceed to incentivize the liquidity pool. Any user can incentivize a liquidity pool to attract more liquidity to a pool, drive more people to hold a token, raise awareness for a protocol, and achieve wider distribution while also allowing users to obtain more types of rewards.
The incentivize pages are'liquidity pool contract address' e.g. for the KUJI/ATOM liquidity pool. Upon navigating to the page, at the bottom of the page current incentive release charts are listed. Read more about incentive release charts here.
After confirming current incentives, there is a user interface to assist in providing pool incentives. First select an incentive token and total amount, a distribution start date (and time), a distribution end date (and time), and an incentive type (fixed or linearly decreasing over time). Note that incentivization is a one-way transaction which has a 10 USK fee to discourage spam.