Listing tokens on FIN

FIN offers a user interface at or that allows community members to propose the launch of a new token pair on the FIN platform. In order to use this feature, you must have a Sonar or Keplr wallet and be connected.
To create a proposal, you will need to select a base asset and a quote asset for the proposed token pair. The base asset is the asset that is being traded, while the quote asset is the asset being used to price the base asset. For example, if the base asset is KUJI and the quote asset is USK, then the price of KUJI would be quoted in USK.
After you have submitted your proposal, it will enter the deposit phase. During this phase, a minimum deposit must be provided by one or more addresses before the proposal can move on to the voting stage. It is important to note that not all tokens may be eligible for listing on FIN.
After the community governance process approves a proposal, the team will set up a token pair user interface on FIN, and begin allowing limit order buys and sells to gather initial liquidity. Once there is enough liquidity, trading will commence.