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Support Ticket System

The Kujira Discord's Support Ticket System allows all community members to ask private questions to trained moderators for help with various issues.
To create a support ticket simply head to the Assistance subsection on the Kujira Discord and navigate to the help channel.
Tickets may be opened for various reasons such as:
  • Troubleshooting any issue on the platform
  • You have found an error on the platform
  • Any type of wallet issue you have
  • Transactional queries
All support tickets are private between you and the moderator team, helping to protect you from bad actors in this space that may try and direct message you in private.
Here are reasons not to open a ticket:
  • You have a business enquiry (please reach out to Dan Tanaka or Dove)
  • You wish to report a scammer (use the #report-scammers Discord channel)
  • You are unhappy with support received
Never engage with anyone who sends you a direct message telling you that they are from the Kujira Team. No team member will ever DM you.
Lastly, support tickets will be closed if no response is received within 24 hours.