The Mint tab is where you can mint USK, which is a stablecoin pegged to the value of the US dollar, for a yearly 1% fee on all minted USK.


Minting USK allows users to A. take advantage of price arbitrage if USK is worth more than a dollar by converting it to other assets and slowly unwinding positions, B. use preferred backing assets of choice to enter a leveraged bet, C. use preferred backing assets in combination with money markets to perform delta neutral leveraged bets, D. use USK in ORCA markets to buy liquidated collateral at a discount, E. use USK to provide liquidity in BOW and obtain rewards from trading activity and incentives, or F. borrow against owned assets to raise capital without needing to liquidate them to preserve upside.

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When minting USK positions using multiple types of collateral, each backing collateral asset reflects a distinct USK mint position with its own loan-to-value or risk ratio. Read more here about minting USK. And read more here about USK's mechanics.
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