(Retired) SENATE (Grant Oversight)

Governance Structure for Kujira Blockchain
The Kujira Senate was a new governance structure for the Kujira blockchain aiming to facilitate validators on the platform, represent the values of the community, and support the stability and growth of the ecosystem. It was composed of up to 9 experts elected by the staking community and was accountable, transparent, and democratic.

Role of the Senate

The Senate was responsible for casting votes on proposals related to requests for grants from the community fund. A proposal required a quorum of 66% and approval required more than 50% support. Senators were expected to engage in public discussion and debate with each other, the public, validators, and grant applicants during their deliberations.
Initially, the Senate was limited to community spend proposals, such as grants for research, development, marketing, and community initiatives. It also reviewed and decided on the Kujira Community Pool's budget, including the allocation of resources and the distribution of funds. The Senate was uninvolved in decisions related to the core protocol or changes to Kujira's network parameters.

Enhancing decentralization

The Kujira Senate aimed to enhance decentralization by amplifying the voices of elected representatives and allowing those with knowledge, experience, and the trust of the community to have an impact, even if they do not have a large stake of KUJI. It helped streamline the governance process and brought together community and team values. Validators' roles evolved to include participating in governance discussions, voting on proposals, and interacting with the Senate.


The Kujira Senate was implemented through two smart contracts: a CW-4 "Group" contract and a CW-3 "Multisig" contract. As part of implementing the Kujira Senate, new technical infrastructure was built and the first Senators were onboarded. This marked the beginning of a experiment in decentralized governance putting Kujira at the forefront of innovation.

Winding Down

The Kujira Senate made a joint statement with the Kujira team on winding down the Senate and exploring alternatives after careful consideration. More information can be found here:
The Senate later published a transparent comprehensive financial report providing a cumulative summary and explanation of all related Senate activity and insight into related processes.

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