After a delegator bonds KUJI to a validator, sometimes for whatever reason (that validator votes in a way they do not agree with, the validator gets slashed, or they come to prefer/like another validator they discover) they want to stake with another validator instead.
Thankfully, Kujira allows Kujirans to redelegate at any time (with one caveat) from any one validator to another. This ensures that Kujirans have full flexibility in choosing who they want to stake with. The one caveat is redelegated KUJI tokens cannot be redelegated again until after a 14 day cooldown. So make sure to redelegate to the right validator.
This cooldown is in place to help secure the network.
Redelegation occurs on the staking page within the BLUE dApp. Simply select a validator that you are currently staked with. And then select redelegate.
Next search for a new validator that you would like to redelegate to as seen in the picture below
Finally click Redelegate KUJI to finish the process.