Staking KUJI on the Kujira network is an instantaneous process. Unstaking or unbonding KUJI is a bit more complicated. To unbond KUJI on the Kujira network, 14 days must lapse for the unbonding process to finish. As with Staking KUJI, KUJI can be unbonded in the stake tab on BLUE.
This delay helps secure and protect the Kujira network by aligning stakers' governance incentives with the value of the KUJI token. As a result, the greater percentage of KUJI supply that is staked, the more confidence in the network.
This can be done by navigating to a validator that you have staked with, selecting that validator, and then clicking the unstake button.
Next, simply enter an amount of KUJI tokens to unstake and click the blue Unstake KUJI button at the bottom to initiate the unstake process.
While KUJI tokens are in the process of unstaking, no staking rewards are earned on them.
Last modified 3mo ago