Our Twitter often has threads where we congratulate our partners' efforts, quickly disseminate information about new protocol mechanics, give updates about protocol performance and milestones, mention new events, and react to significant developments in the Kujira ecosystem. It's also a nice way of engaging with us and with another large part of the Kujira community.
The handle for our official Twitter account: @TeamKujira
Team member Twitter accounts are alphabetically listed below: @unconumb Alex's Twitter account @cryptoslang1 Brett’s Twitter account @dantanakakujira Dan’s Twitter account @Thuxo_Lux Daniel’s Twitter account @Brinstar_Kuji Dave’s Twitter account @GuyPolio Guy’s Twitter account @codehans1 Hans’s Twitter account @JPTG119 Jan’s Twitter account @KujiPeruggi Peruggi’s Twitter account @Teeznutz11 T’s Twitter account
Special shout out to Dale the Mail Whale, deliverer of ORCA liquidation stats: @DaleMailWhale
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