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How to Use FIN


FIN is a next generation central limit order book (CLOB) decentralized exchange (DEX) meant to replicate the seamless experience of trading on a centralized exchange using blockchain technology. Between the BOW/BLUE swap UI and FIN, Kujira endeavors to make token trading accessible to everyone. Fair fees are charged on every trade and dispersed to KUJI stakers. Furthermore, KUJI stakers can participate in public governance to shape FIN token listings. Finally, FIN's liquidity is backed by BOW, its powerful liquidity engine.

FIN trading pair notation

Here is a basic primer on FIN trading pair notation. FIN pairs are generally denoted Asset A / Asset B (i.e. ATOM/USK). These pairs are made up of base assets A (ATOM) and quote assets B (USK). The trading pair tracks the price of asset A in asset B i.e. the price of A divided by the price of B. Even if the price of A goes up, if the price of, the quote asset, B goes up more, the trading pair exchange rate will actually decrease. The simplest pairs to understand usually have a stablecoin such as USK or axlUSDC as the quote asset since any changes in the trading pair exchange rate will generally track very closely with changes in the price of the base asset as the quote asset price remains stable over time.

FIN trading experience

The FIN trading experience can be broken down into a few main aspects: