GHOST (Money Market)


Kujira is excited to introduce GHOST, Kujira's Money Market, a tool that will work in concert with FIN, BOW, ORCA, USK, and BLUE to make leverage an option for all community members. Ghost is fully integrated into the Kujira product suite, and will bring next level efficiency to FIN markets. It will also finally give Kujirans the ability to finally leverage their KUJI to long or short it. GHOST sets the groundwork for higher ORCA volumes, FIN perpetuals (as well as FX trading), FIN margin trading (both long and short), and bootstrapping BOW and FIN liquidity. A spooky new stage for the Kujira ecosystem is here as holders become able to long and short any Kujira asset.


  • Leverage: Lend or borrow any asset on GHOST. Long or short
  • Community ownership: Community governance can add new assets at any time
  • Top tier liquidation engine: ORCA was the liquidation engine for a DeFi protocol with $20 billion in TVL. ORCA allows the entire Kujira community to benefit from liquidations, not just whales.


  • Intuitive UX: GHOST streamlines the user experience for lending and borrowing assets
  • DeFi Lego: GHOST will be the liquidity building block for FIN perpetuals and margin trading
  • Liquidity: GHOST will supercharge the FIN orderbook, ORCA volume, and BOW liquidity
  • Strengthened USK: GHOST introduces a powerful new way to arbitrage USK back to peg
  • Strong integration: GHOST is integrated into key Kujira protocols like FIN, BOW, BLUE, & ORCA