Sustainability is a core value at Kujira. We believe that decentralized finance needs a strong and resilient foundation to survive and thrive. That's why we've prioritized sustainability in all of our products and initiatives.
  • We've avoided inflationary incentives such as airdrops and liquidity pool rewards, as we believe they can harm the long-term health of the Kujira ecosystem.
  • Instead, we've focused on building high-quality, fee-charging dApps that generate real yield from genuine demand for our products.
  • We've minimized dApp fees to make them more accessible to users, while still ensuring a sustainable revenue model.
  • 100% of our dApp revenue is shared with KUJI stakers, and all staking rewards from our 13.8 million KUJI staked with genesis validators are redistributed back to stakers. This helps to increase the yield for everyone in the Kujira ecosystem.
Another essential aspect of sustainability is giving back. Charity is an important aspect of the Kujira ecosystem. We believe in supporting disadvantaged communities. Our team and community have demonstrated this commitment through various charitable initiatives.
Here are a few examples of our charitable efforts:
  • Kujira joined the Angel Alliance, a charity alliance on the Terra blockchain, headed by Angel Protocol. As part of our commitment to charity, we contributed approximately 0.2% of our genesis supply (131000 KUJI) to Angel Protocol. These funds will be used to generate staking revenue for those in need.
  • Kujira started discussions to help fundraise for TerraSpaces, an important public good that has helped record thousands of Twitter Spaces for various Cosmos chains and communities.
  • We will be involved in various other charity-focused efforts in the future. Stay tuned for updates.
We are proud of the charitable efforts of our team and community, and we will continue to support and participate in initiatives that align with our overarching vision of sustainable decentralized finance.