At Kujira, Sustainability is one of our most important driving values. The collapse of UST, LUNA, 3AC, and Celsius; DeFi ponzinomics; and rampant leverage have all contributed to our desire for GUD that focuses on creating a resilient and sustainable base layer for decentralized finance.
In our early days back on Terra, at one point we decided against KUJI airdrops and highly inflationary liquidity pool incentives as we felt they hurt our community by creating constant KUJI token sell pressure. We conducted a governance vote and ended up burning the majority of all planned KUJI airdrops and liquidity pool incentives that were set aside from the KUJI token supply. 1% of our supply was also given to Angel Protocol, a charity based platform
an ethos we hope other protocols will follow.
We ended up deciding that giving out too many easy to obtain free incentives simply led to attracting a lot of investors who did not really care about our products, community, or vision. This is why we decided that all of our dApps would be high quality applications that charge fees in order to generate real yield from genuine protocol demand.
We minimized our dApp fees to simultaneously increase user accessibility while allowing us to have a sustainable revenue model. On top of that, 100% of our dApp revenue is shared between KUJI stakers. Furthermore, all staking rewards from our 13.8 million KUJI staked with genesis validators is redistributed back to stakers raising the yield for everyone.