Why Kujira


In order for a contract to launch on Kujira, it needs to be voted in via governance. This ensures that the quality, sustainability and longevity of the network are protected. A tight-knit hub of revenue generating products with great UX. "Grown-up DeFi" is not a meme.

On-chain Scheduler

The on-chain scheduler allows protocols to be designed with much less of a reliance on bots. This means there are far fewer wasted transactions. Protocols can be designed to operate more efficiently, and fees which were once required to incentivize bot usage can go back to the users of the network.

Native Token Generation

Smart contract developers no longer need to handle two individual entry points into their contracts, only needing to design for a native denom. In doing so, every token on the network will be a native Cosmos token, and associated liquidation and trading revenue (with more to come) will all accrue to KUJI stakers.

Build with Cosmos SDK

Access the entire Cosmos ecosystem seamlessly in an environment with proven security and interoperability via IBC.

CosmWASM 1.0 Support

Leverage Rust’s expressive type system and Cosmwasm’s best in class architecture to fearlessly build safe and secure smart contracts.

Thriving Community

With 50K+ active users and a very engaged Twitter, Discord and Telegram community, this is a welcoming home to hit the ground running in.

Built to Last

A long term view for real-world use, revenue, and sustainability for builders, validators and users alike.